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Adored is the New Adaptive Frame Sniper Rifle in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. Adored is the Season of the Hunt Pinnacle weapon, yes pinnacle weapons are back. This time, you can choose how you want to earn Adored. Go to the tower and accept the quest for either the Vanguard, Gambit or Crucible. Which ever method you chose, Adored isn't hard to get at all. Just keep sniping! Adored is kind of meant to be a Beloved replacement, not only does it look VERY similar and is the same archtype - Adaptive Frame - , The stats are almost the same when compairing Adored to Beloved. The only difference I saw was Adaored has more zoom than Beloved. Adored has 45 zoom, where as Beloved has 40. So a small difference. The quest for Adored can be picked up at Banshie-44. In the video i'll go over my opinion on Adored, how to get Adored, the stats on Adored, the perks on Adored. As well as, my overall opinion on Adored and weather or not you should go get it. I'll also make a comparison on Light gg to Beloved. In summary, yeah, go and get Adored. It's great in both pve and pvp because you can swap the perks accordingly. Adored felt great, snappy and responsive. It's currently my favprite and best pvp sniper in Destiny 2 Beyond Light - Season of the Hunt. Here's what fellow guardians are saying about Adored on Light gg Large amount of pog in this sniper 5 It is a relatively easy quest to earn the weapon. Very versatile as it has both PVE and PVP perks. Adored is definitely worth the 'grind' if you can even call it one. As for the stats, the zoom is average mid-zoom and it is currently the only sniper with killing wind! This will definitely be my go-to energy sniper for all PvE/PvP activities. Give it a shot! 4 good for both worth the "grind" its easy to get and very good in pve and pvp 0 if u destroy it, how to get the sniper again? 0 If you hit your shots, there's no other reason not to use this sniper. Great alternative perks for pve as well. 0 gun is cracked, probably the best energy sniper in the game rn 0 Imagine beloved but my god is it sticky, cuz of the zoom changes its like beloved with the aim assist of a spare rations 0 Amazing set of perks. Definitely worth getting. 0 Its Beloved with higer scope but after nerv of snipers same Aim Assist than before, pve rapid fires dominate and it having acurised with that curated roll is a troll, should have been appendet than i would give it a higher score. Only viable sniper in pvp beside eye of sol Adept. 0 This sniper makes the small pp become the BIG PP. 0 This sniper Bonks heads like no other 0 The perks are extremely versatile for both PVE and PVP, all of them being top tier picks. This weapon does a good job of walking the line between picking god tier perk combos and balanced, yet fan favorite perks. This sniper feels very sticky as well, landing shots with this is a relative breeze even if you're not a great sniper. Easily acquirable in a week's worth of grinding, especially in Strikes. This is a great replacement for Beloved, or any Ikelos snipers from Season of Arrivals. -11 this is so bad dont use it awful dps -13 why is there killing wind -16 the point and click adventure continues with this thing -18 Same base stats as Beloved, except +5 zoom which is generally bad for PvP players. Perks one and two focus on range which is unnecessary for PvP but nice for PvE. Perks three and four give you the option of great PvE perks (top row) versus good PvP perks (bottom row) making this a more versatile sniper than most. Masterwork is stability which is absolutely worthless. The best option for in Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, Gambit, and all PvE activities, but not general Crucible. -60 Basically season 12's revoker Here is the Lore attached to Adored Lore Adored An Earth artifact, refashioned to suit the Spider's eclectic tastes. "You are late. This is an insult." Brivi, the Eliksni leader of Spider's road crew, leaps from the back of his Pike. He brandishes his Wire Rifle with his lower arms and bristles his helmet quills to emphasize his grievance. "The Spider expected this shipment yesterday." The Human smuggler shrugs in irritation. His steely eyes bore into the glowing lenses of Brivi's helmet. "I don't give an Ogre's steaming turd what the Spider expects." His hand drifts towards his Sidearm, resting gently on its handle. "If he has another way to get City Age gear out of the Tower without the Guardians noticing, he's welcome to try." #destiny #destiny2 #beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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