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ANTHEM - VIP Demo, Anthem First Mission, Anthem Gameplay & Fort Tarsis

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What's up guys?! Today, the Anthem VIP Demo is out an available is you've pre purchased it. You'll be able to play a few missions, including Triple Threat. Check out Fort Tarsis, play a Stronghold or two like Tyrant Mine. You'll also be able to check out the Javalins, you'll start with the Ranger. I'll do the first mission, called Triple Threat, as the Ranger, so you can see some Ranger Gameplay in Anthem. Then at level 12 you can unlock an other one. You can choose from the Interceptor, Colossus or Storm. In this video, Ill check out Fort Tarsis, we'll meet Matthias - who will add a little comedy to the story. Lastly, i'll check out the customization in Anthem, the Forge, Support Gear and a few of the weapons you'll start with in Anthem. So far so good, i'll be uploading a lot more Anthem content in the future. I can't say if you should pre order Anthem yet, but i've gone and purchased it. 

Anthem Gameplay
Anthem VIP
Fort Tarsis
Anthem Ranger Gameplay


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