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ANTHEM - New Gameplay, Fighting Titans! Third Mission, Ranger Javalin

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Heya guys! In this video, we'll playthrough the third mission in the Anthem VIP Demo - called Convergence. In the mission Convergence, ill play as a Ranger Javalin. We'll play through the mission and fight some titans. Titans in anthem are big boss mobs. They use a lot of fire attacks and have a good amount of health. When preforming attacks, their hands and other areas glow orange/red. These spots become their weak points, hit them when they're charging their abilities. There is a lot of Gameplay to go over in Anthem and many more bosses to fight. I can't see the Anthem Campaign being short, Biowear games usually are pretty lengthy. It'll be great to see more enemy variety when the full game drops. 

Anthem Titan
Anthem Boss
Ash Ttian 
Lesser Ash Ttian
Anthem VIP Demo

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