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BRAYTECH WEREWOLF is the New Shadowkeep Auto Rifle which has been revamped from its original version from Curse of Osiris! You can pick up Braytech Werewolf from eva levante during the Festival of The Lost. You'll need to collect a total of 150 Chocolate Strange Coins and at least 1000 Candy. You'll need the 150 Chocolate Strange Coins because we need to complete the Master of Disguise Triumph. You complete the Master of Disguise Trump by purchasing all the Festival of the Lost masks Eva Levante has to purchase. You can earn Chocolate Strange Coins multiple ways, including Crucible, gambit, strikes and of course the Haunted Forest. I thought the Haunted Forest would be the best place to grind out the Chocolate Strange Coins because you can easily get 10-15 per activity. This is including the Chocolate Strange Coins you get from Eva Levante bounties. The additional or repeatable bounties are recommended to be purchased and completed before each new Haunted Forest you run. So you'll have to go back to Eva Levante a bunch.

When you have everything collected and you've unlocked the Master of Disguise Triumph, purchase the Masterworked Braytech Werewolf. It comes with Zen moment and Muti kill clip and almost max range! You can also re roll the Braytech Werewolf by purchasing new ones from Eva Levante after you purchase the Masterworked version. Auto rifles haven't been doing too hot in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, i rarely use them. But Braytech Werewolf might make me start using Auto Rifles in Destiny 2 again. Come on Shadowkeep, show auto Rifles so more love!

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