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DESTINY 2 BREAKNECK REVIEW - Gambit Pinnacle Weapon

#destiny2 #blackarmory #destiny2forsaken 

What's up guys, today were going to Review the Breakneck. Breakneck is the season of the forge Gambit Pinnacle weapon. It's a bit of a grind to get but well worth it. You start the quest by picking it up from the drifter. It takes 40 gambit matches, loads of auto rifle kills, mutikills. Essentially, if you play 40 gambit matches, you will easily complete the quest. 

What's so special about Breakneck? It has both Rampage and Onslaught. Rampage increases your damage after a kill, stacking up to three times. Onslaught is a new perk, only found on far....and increases your rate of fire per stack of rampage. It also comes master worked for range. The weapon is great for pve and add clearing. See for yourself and pick up this gun asap!

Destiny 2 Gambit
Destiny 2 Forsaken
Destiny 2 Black Armory

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