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Coriolis Force is a New Legendary Aggressive Frame Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, you can get one from completing the Empire Hunt The Technocrat. Coriolis Force can only be found on Europa to my knowledge. Coriolis Force can roll with some new Destiny 2 Beyond Light Perks Including One For All and Thresh. One for all will increase your damage by 33% when active I believe and Thresh will increase your super generation for each kill made with Coriolis Force. Thresh is similar to Demolitionist but for your supper, it also wont refill your mag. My Pve God roll Coriolis Force has feeding frenzy and One For All, but feeding frenzied and Thresh is a great choice too. I don't recommend bringing Coriolis Force into the crucible, Coriolis Force fires horizontally rather than vertically. That makes it much harder to secure a kill on a guardian. In the video, i'll give my full Coriolis Force review and honest opinions about it. In addition, i'll give my opinion on the Coriolis Force God roll. Here's what fellow guardians are saying about Coriolis Force on Light gg Great gun. In PvE this is amazing for target’s without crit spots. The damage is on par with a high impact, but the charge is on par with a rapid Fire. Still nothing crazy in terms of DPS, but is great against larger enemies (especially the two new enemy types added). In pvp, use similarly to a slug shotgun. Wait and stay just outside of shotgun range. The burst comes out all at once, so no recoil to control. 1 It’s going to be pretty good for ad clear, considering the spread is horizontal. I imagine it won’t be very popular in PvP, since the kill range would likely be basically on top of the person. 1 New fusion archetype, pretty exciting stuff. Horizontal burst is for PVE, if you are close enough in pvp to hit all bolts then a shotgun is better. Feeding frenzy is going to be great on this weapon, esp with thresh or unrelenting for aggressive play as you would be getting multiple ads per burst. A sleeper perk could be One for All, potentially giving bonus damage all the time. Im really excited by the uniqueness that this weapon offers, and i can't wait to get my hands on some rolls! CORIOLIS FORCE "A single idea can be enough to alter the spin of entire systems. I've had several of them." —Clovis Bray Source: Fallen Empire campaign. #destiny #destiny2 #beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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