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Corsair's Wrath is the New Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Season of the Hunt. How to get Corsair's Wrath? We'll you can get Corsair's Wrath by completing the Season of the Hunt Wrathborn Hunts. In your quest menu and Cyptolith, look for Corsair's Wrath. If you don't see Corsair's Wrath as an option, simply do an other Wrathborn Hunt you'd like and the list will refresh. Hopefully with Corsair's Wrath. Despite me not really liking Linear Fusion Rifles, Corsair's Wrath can roll with some great perks. Specifically, Corsair's Wrath can roll with Kill Clip. That's huge for a Power/Heavy Weapon! Because Corsair's Wrath can roll with Kill Clip, it can be a great start to any DPS phase and will net you some of the best damage on Taniks if paired properly with other weapons. The best combo I think you could get on Taniks the Abomination (unless you're a hunter with Mask of Bakris) is by having a Corsair's Wrath with Kill Clip, Cloudstrike and a Kinetic Slug Shotgun. Proc Kill Clip before you go into the DPS Phase, unload Corsair's Wrath, switch to Cloudstrike, then your Shotgun. At this point, Taniks the Abomination will have booped you out of the DPS zone, this makes a great opportunity to reload and go back in for an other cycle. Corsair's Wrath is also great for taking out Taniks the Abomination's Jets for to get the Nukes before DPS. In my opinion, a Corsair's Wrath god roll for pve would have Outlaw or No Distractions in your 3rd Column and of course Kill Clip in your 4th. For a pvp god roll of Corsair's Wrath, I suggest Firmly Planted and High Impact Reserves, if High Impact Reserves doesn't allow for one shot body shots.... Choose Unrelenting IMO. Anyways, in the video I'll go over Corsair's Wrath stats, all the perks on Corsair's Wrath as well as what I think you should look for in both a pve and pvp God Roll. I'll also show you how to max your DPS on Taniks with Corsair's Wrath. Here are the base stats on Corsair's Wrath Weapon Stats Impact 41 Range 41 Stability 44 Handling 32 Reload Speed 30 Charge Time 533 Magazine 5 Hidden Stats Aim Assistance 61 Inventory Size 26 Zoom 25 Recoil 74 Bounce Intensity 26 Bounce Direction Tends Left Here's what fellow Guardians are saying about Corsairs's Wrath on Light gg Gambit monster, Calling it. 0 Looks like VEIST's concept variant, but it isn't. Very old-fashioned, but neat to use. High-impacts and no distractions for DPS might be a must-have on this weapon. 0 In pvp, eh, y'know. It's a linear fusion. But in pve..... I don't know why but for some reason it's doing some high damage for such a fast draw time. A new favorite when I can't get close enough to use falling guillotine . 0 Linear Fusions have a really high skill ceiling in PVP, but this LF has good perks for it. In PVE, this thing is sort of a low-tier DPS weapon. Amazing for hammering strike bosses and majors. 0 Curated Roll is cracked as f**k for a LFR, however, getting Firmly planted and HIR? Now you're speaking my language. Mix that in with A Range or Charge Masterwork, and now you're in business. One of the better LFR's I've used. 0 I love linear fusions in pvp and this might be a good replacement when komodo gets sunset next season. the god roll for me is going to be moving target/ firmly planted and quickdraw or thresh 0 good for killing wrathborn in hunts #destiny #destiny2 #beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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