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Deafening Whisper is the New Legendary Wave Frame Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Season of the Hunt. Wave Frame Grenade Launchers are a rarity in Destiny 2, the only other one I know of is Marty's, and that's a solar Wave Frame Grenade Launcher, so a bit different. How to get Deafening Whisper? It's pretty easy, you can arm a god roll Deafening Whisper by hunting for one using your Cryptolith. Go into your Cryptolith on your quest tab and if the option is available, select Deafening Whisper. If you don't see Deafening Whisper as an option, simply do an other Wrathborn Hunt you want and the list will refresh. How to get a god roll Deafening Whisper? We'll that's not too hard too, select the appropriate mods in your Cryptolith to eliminate/include the perks you're looking for. Unfortunately Deafening Whisper doesn't work with NEZAREC'S SIN. I'm not sure why, it maybe a bug. But NEZAREC'S SIN is suppose to give you ability/super energy on a Void kill. With Deafening Whisper being a void weapon, you'd figure it works right? Wrong....dammmmmmm. That was a big let down, hopefully this will get fixed if it is a bug. But it might also be bungie trying to control how power Deafening Whisper and NEZAREC'S SIN can be together. In this video, i'll go and review Deafening Whisper and showcase what I think is the god roll Deafening Whisper without NEZAREC'S SIN. I'll also give my opinion on what I think the god roll for Deafening Whisper is for both pve and pvp. Here are the base stats of Deafening Whisper Weapon Stats Stability 44 Handling 75 Reload Speed 73 Velocity 68 Blast Radius 55 Rounds Per Minute 72 Magazine 1 Hidden Stats Aim Assistance 63 Inventory Size 48 Zoom 13 Recoil 81 Bounce Intensity 19 Bounce Direction Tends Right Here's what fellow Guardian's are saying about Deafening Whisper on Light gg Relationship ended with Martyr’s Retribution, Deafening Whisper is my new friend. 6 Ambitious assassin alone could make this worth using. Pair that up with threat detector, rampage, or welspring. Could be a fun weapon in quickpay as well 6 keep in mind a nezarec's sin pairing with wellspring surplus. probably the single best in slot add clear for a legendary. 5 Hey how you doing lil mama lemme whisper in your ear tell you something that you might like to hear 3 bruh ambitious assassin on wave frame is gonna be beautiful in pve 2 Ambitious Assasin is definitely a must, regardless of the other rolls 2 welspring is a really good perk and if used with ambitious this weapon becomes very reliable, it has a very good damage value, and fun fact its actually really effective against the new vex chicken in terms of pvp its a good support gun, and can be deadly in the right scenario but not the most reliable 1 I see some comments painting this as “just an add clearer”. It is fantastic for adds...the wave will take out anything in its path for a fair distance. But it’s good against tougher foes deals a lot of damage, and can be pretty deadly against yellow bars/bosses. As long as they don’t fly, lol. The damage comes from the blast wave, so don’t count on it against airborne targets. Can do some cool things in PvP but you’re better off with a lightweight frame GL. 1 Ambitious Assasin is godly on that thing. Just to be clear: If you kill A SINGLE ENEMY with it you will get 2 Shots on the next reload, essentially cutting your reload in half most of the time. 0 lots of fun, however the weapon is bugged; it doesnt proc abyssal extractors on warlock, and doesnt recharge energy when using wellspring. once these issues are fixed itll be a staple of my loadout 0 What would happen if you take Martyr's Retribution and made it better in every single way? You get Deafening Whisper. Aside from the lack of the ability to spawn Warmind Cells, this new Wave Frame GL is just Martyr's Retribution +1. It's thoroughly excellent and has several fantastic rolls from Surplus + Wellspring, Ambitious Assassin + Rampage, Lead From Gold + Unrelenting, and many other combinations. 0 Ambitious assassin and wellspring, paired with Nezarec's for PvE. Sweet mother of God. 0 Oh dammn, Ambitious Assassin on a Wave Frame? That's gonna have some meme potential. 0 Ambitious Assassin on this thing makes Martyr's Retribution look like a joke. 0 Been using Martyr's Retribution since Dawn, nearing 22K PVE kills. My first roll of the season for this has Hard Launch/High-Velocity Rounds/Ambitious Assassin/Auto-Loading Holster, with Handling MW (Reload preferable). It's absolutely as silly as you'd expect it to be. 2+ kills and you're loading 2 into the breach. 0 0 #destiny #destiny2 #beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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