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Devils Ruin has got to be one of the most overpowered weapons in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn. I'm calling it! Devil's Ruin is going to get nerfed and probably soon, it's just wayyyy to good. It literally melts in pvp. Devils ruin will do 36 damage per tick during its charge attack in pvp. And it blows through all 15 shots. That means, you can blaze right through even the highest resilience guardians without any issue. As long as you hit 6 percision hits or a combination of precision hits and body, guardians are going down in flames. Honestly, I dont have many words, the fast that Devils Ruin isnt even an Energy weapon is beyond me. This is a primary, meaning you start off with tons of ammo and kill potential. Couple that with the fact you could use a Sniper or Shotgun in your first slot..... like wtf bungie. What were you thinking when making Devils Ruin. Anyways....a but about it Devil's Ruin is a new Exotic Sidearm to Destiny 2 Season of Dawn! It's a very unique Sidearm with a special perk called Close the Gap. Close the Gap states "Variable trigger. Press and release to fire individual shots. Hold to charge up a high-powered, [Stagger] staggering laser. Strong against Unstoppable Champions." Pretty interesting perk! Devils Ruin pairs an other unique perk called Pyrogenesis. Pyrogenesis states "Fully charging the laser refills the magazine from reserves.". Holy crap. These two perks on Devils Ruin work so well together its not even funny. No real reload time needed, unload Devils Ruin and when you're close to the bottom of the mag charge up Devils Ruin and get an instant reload! Devils Ruin is likely in the Adaptive Frame archtype as it fires at 300RPM. Devils Ruin is also a Solar elemental weapon, but fires primary ammo. Devils Ruin stats are as follows: Impact 49, Range 46, Stability 69, Handling 54, Reload Speed 24, Aim Assistance 56, Inventory Size 64, Zoom 12, Recoil 100, Bounce Intensity 0 and Bounce Direction Tends Left. What's even more interesting about Devils Ruin is that it has some perks and stats which are often only on fusion rifles. For example, it stats the charge time of Devils Ruin is 1000, which is obviously for its charged laser. Devil's Ruin also comes with Extended Barrel and Combat Grip. But also Projection Fuse. Data indicates that there is a Devils Ruin Catalyst. I havent found any information on the Devils Ruin Catalyst but I hope it's more interesting than just a flat stat boost. Maybe increased precision damage, who knows? There is also an Devils Ruin Ornament called Devil's Advocate - which i'm assuming will be available at Tess.


There are currently two Devils Ruin Quest steps listed in the Data base called A Lost Relic, it states "You've pulled a new timelost frame out of the shattered timelines within the Sundial. Although you can't identify the weapon yourself, Saint-14 thinks he can help you discover its origin. Bring the frame to Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar."Osiris told me about the strange weapon you found in the Sundial. I might be able to identify it." —Saint-14". The step for Devils Ruin after is called A Tour Through History, it states "Saint-14 has confirmed that the timelost frame you found is a piece of Twilight Gap history. He thinks you can repair it with materials recovered from the site of the great battle itself. Venture to Twilight Gap in the EDZ, and reclaim the lost weapon fragments Saint-14 described.
"Six Fronts. Twilight Gap. The Red War. These are all shining points in our history, where the City came together to defend what was ours. Sometimes, great hardship can result in growth, in connection. I learned this from you, my friend." —Saint-14" So it looks like were going back to Twilight Gap to get Devils Ruin - cool! In the video, ill show you how to get Devil's Ruin and everything else included. Like Devils Ruin damage in both pve and pvp, all the quest steps to get Devils Ruin, as well as my opinion on this new exotic sidearm and if Devils Ruin is OP or not.

Devil's Ruin
"Press on! The Devils will rue the day they came to our doors!" —Lord Shaxx

"There is a reason we fight. It's not simply the thrill of battle. There are those who depend on us to stand up, hold the line, and defend what we hold dear. The battle for Twilight Gap remains the hallmark for our fortitude and a prominent reminder that nothing we do is easy.

"I recall Shaxx defiantly ignoring Saladin's orders to fall back, driving his fireteam to a final push on the wall of the Last City. It ended up providing the momentum we needed to save the City, but also splintered bonds between the Titans. Perhaps I can help suture these wounds, now that I have returned.

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