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Dire Promise is a returning Light Weight Frame Hand Cannon to Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy. Dire Promise is a world drop, so you can only find one by finding a legendary engram or through the cryptarch. Both Spare Rations and Dire Promise are 150RPM Light Weight Frame Hand Cannons, and both have their benefits stats wise. In the video, I'll go over and compare the stats of Dire Promise to Spare Rations, I'll also compare the perks that can roll on Dire Promise and Spare Rations too. It's been a spare Rations meta for a long time now and in my might stay that way. Dire Promise can roll with some alright pvp perks, but Spare Rations may have it beat. There is one unique roll for pve on Dire Promise, and that is Overflow and Rampage. The combination of overflow and rampage is my Dire promise pve god roll. There is also one perk on Dire Promise that Spare rations doesn't have, and that's opening shot. Opening shot will give increased accuracy and range on your opening attack, so it's not a bad pvp perk. However, Spare Rations can roll with Rapid hit - an amazing perk all around. My pvp god roll for dire Promise ends up being snapshot sights and rangefinder, gotta love the consistency. Overall, I'll touch on about everything i can in this Dire Promise Review.

Dire Promise
"If you think this world ends well, you are mistaken." —Arach Jalaal
Source: Open Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages.

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Here's what your fellow Guardians are saying about Dire Promise on Light gg

This weapons is great but it could be better
The gun can roll with: Fastdraw, rr, Triple tap and Swashbuckler.
Its another Spare rations, perfect for pvp.
Rolled mine w/ Steadyhand HCS, Ricochet Rounds, Opening Shot, Elemental Capacitor w/ Range MW. This is probably the perfect roll for my play style. Running bottom tree gunslinger is godly when Knock ‘Em Down procs. On top of EC giving me a little bump to reload speed due to my Solar subclass. I get consistent three taps with this gun. This definitely rivals my god roll Spare Rations that rolled Smallbore, Lightmag, Rapid Hit, Killclip w/ Range MW. This is a must have hand cannon for sure!
I can't deny this is a pretty great hand cannon. The first roll on the gun has been perfect . Fastdraw HCS, Armor-Piercing Rounds (would have been great with ricochet but oh well), Snapshot, & Rangefinder Range MW. Caps out for me at 59 Range. Has without a doubt replaced my Spare.
Back in the day this was the best handcannon in the game. Kind of a wack perk pool, I would have liked to see things like slideshot + moving target, etc. but it's still a decent selection. I have one with hitmark/ricochet rounds/opening shot/elemental capacitor with a range MW and it definitely has been beating cheeks. Great alternative to Spare for those who like handcannons that don't sound like a cough.
I can already predict that this would be a great contender against the Spare Rations but will be hard to farm for due to the loot pool being heavily diluted in this season. The interesting perk combo that could be top tier is Opening Shot + Rangefinder w/ High Cal. An alternative for that combo is Snapshot + Rangefinder for general play.
This weapon will be among the best for PVE, Overflow / Swashbuckler will be fantastic. As for crucible, it can roll with both Opening shot - snapshot / rangefinder, should overall feel really fantastic.
Definitely got some interesting rolls here both for PvE and PvP. For PvE I’ll be looking out for Overflow especially, with Swashbuckler or possibly Osmosis for burns. For PvP Opening Shot and Rangefinder will be an absolute monster, definitely competing with Spare Rations only losing a bit of aim assist. Haven’t been able to try it out yet but definitely seems like a definite winner for this season.
Just got one with Steadyhand HCS, Flared Magwell, Triple Tap, and Swashbuckler, i could not ask for a better roll. Straight god roll
My first engram for the season was this bad boy. Crossfire HCS, Flared Magwell, Opening Shot, Rangefinder with a Stability masterwork. It fires so smooth and snappy. I had to put my max range Spare Rations in the vault and let him rest for a bit. This is my new baby.
After using just about every combination of perks on this gun, i can confidently say that there really isnt any "god roll" just fairly okay rolls

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