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There are a ton of new collectibles and secrets in Doom Eternal, some can be pretty hard to find - others are staring you in the face. Not all explorable/collectible items are considered secrets and not all secrets are collectibles. For example, a 'secret' in Doom eternal could be finding an extra life that is a bit out of the way. This will unlock the secret but it may not be apart of your explore points and doom eternal collectibles. 

In this Video, I'll go through the location of every weapon modbot location, every lore page / codex entry location, each toy collectible, every rune location, all secret encounters and gore nest locations. I'll also show the location of all sentinel crystals, slayer keys, slayer gates, praetor suit point and all sentinel battery locations. As you can see, there are a ton of different collectibles and things to unlock in Doom Eternal. I also forgot cheat codes. Yes, there are special Doom Eternal Cheat Codes you can find.

This video will show the location of all theses items that can be found in the Level Exultia. On Exultia, there is ModBot, 7 codex, 2 collectible toys, 1 sentinel battery, 1slayer key, 1 slayer gate, 1 rune  and other scattered secrets

Doom Eternal Secrets
Doom Eternal Toys
Doom eternal Collectibles

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