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Exit Strategy is a new submachine gun in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. Exit Strategy is a Ritual weapon. Ritual Weapons are like Pinnacle Weapons in Shadowkeep, except they don't have unique perks. Ritual Weapons instead offer unique combinations of perks/weapon slots not seen before. Exit Strategy is no different, it's a kinetic submachine gun and will sit in our kinetic slot. To get it, grab the Ritual quest called Clean Getaway from the Drifter. It's not too difficult to get, but it will take some times to get the medals in Gambit. Exit strategy is a great submachine gun, but is it good enough to replace recluse? I'll go over the perks and my thoughts if stands a chance at replacing recluse. Exit Strategy vs Recluse, Recluse vs Exit Strategy ....will anything take Recluse's spot?

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