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The Fat Chocobo Summon wasn't in the original Final Fantasy 7, however, we're treated to its Snorlax like qualities in the FF7 Remake. To get the Fat Chocobo Summon, you have to complete Battle Intel Reports for Chadley. Chadley can be found in most of the Slum Towns in Midgar. Best place to look for him would be Sector 5 Slum, near Aerith's house. You will have to do a number of the Battle Intel Reports, first Chadley will offer you to battle the Chocobo & Moogle Summon. After this and more Battle Reports, Chadley will offer you the opportunity to fight and get the Fat Chocobo Summon. The Fat Chocobo is great for generating stagger, and it does have powerful attacks. Anyways, that's how you get the Fat Chocobo Summon in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Hope this helped you!


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