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Glasioclasm is the New Legendary High Impact Frame Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Season of the Hunt. Glasioclasm just came out, and is available during and from participating in the Dawning. Ok but how to get Glasioclasm? Well, I don't know the exact or 100% way to get Glasioclasm but I do know you can get one from opening up the gifts you receive in return from giving baked goods. So farming Glasioclasm is going to be a bit difficult as there's no direct way. Fusion Rifles have been kind of tossed in the corner....but no body puts baby in a corner. Glasioclasm is out and ready to remind us all of why Erentil was so popular. Glasioclasm is essentially the Erentil replacement, yes, it's that good. Glasioclasm has huge range when rolled right and can roll with amazing perk combinations. Like, my pvp god roll of Glasioclasm - Under pressure and High Impact Reserves. My pve Glasioclasm god roll has Ambitious Assassin and Swashbuckler. In the video, i'll showcase Glasioclasm in the crucible and you'll be able to see why Glasioclasm is the best pvp fusion rifle in Destiny 2 atm. Glasioclasm might even be the best pve fusion rifle, but that's up for debate, as Coriolis Force is great too. I'll also go over all of Glasioclasm base stats and all of the possible perk combinations you can get on Glasioclasm. Afterwards, i'll tell you in detail what I think you should look for in a pve Glasioclasm god roll and a pvp Glasioclasm god roll. My overall review of Glasioclasm....get's good. Pray to the traveler for a god roll Glasioclasm, bring it to the crucible and watch em die with good ol void bolts. Here are the base stats of Glasioclasm Weapon Stats Impact 95 Range 67 Stability 36 Handling 40 Reload Speed 24 Charge Time 860 Magazine 5 Hidden Stats Aim Assistance 55 Inventory Size 26 Zoom 16 Recoil 78 Bounce Intensity 22 Bounce Direction Tends Right Here's what your fellow Guardians are saying about Glasioclasm on Light gg No chain reaction. May you rest in peace, Loaded Question. 14 Upset it isnt Stasis, would've been perfect to shoot Icicles during the winter event. Nevertheless, looks clean and im looking forward to it 5 This is going to be the new go-to fusion for PvP with surplus/under pressure/killing wind and high impact reserves. PvE it will be solid, but this was definitely a missed opportunity to give it chain reaction. 1 Seems like a decent all around Fusion Rifle with a really nice visual design. Personally I would like Killing wind for PVP and PVE or Field Prep for PVE and Demolitionist or Autoloading Holster for PVE and PVP. Definitely something I look forward to farming during the Dawning. 1 primer fusion con slideshot , odio nomas la mira que tiene pero la combinacion para pvp de full bore,proyection fuse, slideshot y high impact reserves con maestria de alcance es god tier 0 the perk pool has good synergies but...they release an ice-themed weapon which is...void? makes no sense 0 slide shot/high impact reserves is a pretty unique roll for PVP, could put it on par with erantil. 0 Might be decent with Full Bore/Projection Fuse/Under Pressure/High-Impact Reserves. 0 No Chain Reaction, Quickdraw, or even Back-up Plan. I have no idea who makes these decisions anymore. 0 Pvp try to get High Impact Reserves + Under Pressure. Range MW might help not too sure though 0 where is that autoloading +chain reaction godroll bungie. you know what we want and yet we have to say it out loud come on man. why you guys gonna be like this... -1 First roll from Zavalaa: Full Bore, Liquid Coils, Ambitious Assassin, and Demolitionist, with a Range Masterwork. Feels pretty dang good, with incredible range and damage. For PvE, I'd recommend running it with a Reserves boost or Ammo Finder, as you only have 13 reserves for this Fusion Rifle. I think a good one overall would be this roll but with Field Prep, boosting reserves and getting a reload boost while crouched. -1 While it lacks the core PvP Fusion Rifle perks Firmly Planted, Rangefinder and Tap the Trigger it has access to the tried and true combination of Under Pressure/High-Impact Reserves. Surplus is also a perk with potential depending on how much it benefits Fusion Rifles. Unfortunately if you were looking for Erentil 2.0 this isn't it but it should be a solid PvP Fusion Rifle overall. -2 This weapon is going to be absolutely absurd in PvP, surplus/under pressure with high impact reserves will make this weapon near the lethality of erentil -2 Erentil may be gone, but... This looks like it comes close. #destiny #destiny2 #beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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