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DESTINY 2 BLACK ARMORY - Gofannon Forge Complete!

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Hey guys, Gofannon Forge has been discovered! This is the second forge in Destiny Black Armory. In order to start the quest, you have to kill Fallen until a Stolen Black Armory Gear drops. After head to ADA-1 , shell send you out to get 35 Tainted Gears off Fallen by killing them with precision. Next, take the Tainted Black Armory Gear to the Spider. The Spider will give you the quest Needle In The Tainted Shore. For this quest you have to kill 75 Fallen with Melee and complete the Cryo Pod Heroic Event.  When you complete this,  the Spider has you complete the quest Scourge Of The Armory. This quest is on the EDZ and have you complete three lost sectors. The next step is Sivik's Delivery Note, this quest is completed on Nessus by killing a high value target. After, you're sent on an other quest to kill Sivik. After, you have to complete the quest Another Lost Forge. Lastly, return to Ada-1 and you can start accessing the Gohannon Forge!

Destiny 2 Forsaken
Destiny 2 Forsaken Black Armory
Black Armory

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