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DESTINY 2 BLACK ARMORY - Gofannon Forge Key and Secrets!

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Hey guys, today were going to show you where the Drones are in the Gofannon Forge to get your second Black Armory Key. Facing this Forge Warden is a bit tougher then the Volundr Forge Warden. Stay vigilant and you'll eventually make it. Despite community comments, I enjoy how Destiny 2 Black Armory is begging to unfold. The two Drones are located near each other at the back of Gofannon Forge, one on the left near the cavern walls. The other, is in the air to the right of the first Drone. After getting the key for the Mysterious Box, we unlock the Hand Insignia Lock. Afterwards, we check out the Tatara Gaze the new Black Armory Sniper Rifle. Mine roled with Opening Shot and Rangefinder. Now that we have to Black Armory Sniper, we can see some of the secrets and symbols in both the Gohannon Forge, as well as the Volundr Forge. There are some new and unique symbols to check out, including a rabbit, dragon and fox. Let me know what you think down below!

Destiny 2 Gohannon Forge Key
Destiny 2 Black Armory Forge
Destiny 2 Black Armory Exotic Quest

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