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HERETIC is a New Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. You can get it by doing the Alter of Sorrow while the Gate Lord is the Nightmare Boss. You don't have to beat The Gate Lord but you do have to at least get to Tier V from what I've seen. It's really worth it to try and get Heretic. Heretic can roll with demolitionist! From my understanding this is the only Rocket Launcher that can, please correct me if im wrong in the comments down bellow. Demolition on a rocket launcher will be insane. You'll be able to get a ton of grenade energy back on kill, it'll also reload Heretic too! Heretic with demolitionist is going to pair extremely well with Oppressive Darkness Grenade builds. Heretic Curated Roll is essentially perfect for this, it have volatile launch, black powder, demolitionist and cluster bombs. Explosions, explosions everywhere.....The other Heretics perks and stats arent nearly as important as having demolitionist. Thats what makes Heretic special. I'm going to go out and farm a god roll or curated roll Heretic!

Heretic rolls
Heretic Perks
Heretic Stats
Heretic curated roll
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Heretic Demolitionist

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