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Friction Fire is a New Precision Fire Frame Sub Machine Gun to Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Season of the Hunt. How to get Friction Fire? Easy, simply do the Wrathborn Hunts. Friction Fire can be selected in the Cyrptolith quest menu, keep in mind, not all weapons and armor are available at the same time. If you don't see Friction Fire or any other peice of armor/weapon you want - simply complete a wrathborn hunt and it will refresh the possible reward for that particular Wrathborn Hunt. Additionally, it is now easier than ever to craft the kind of god roll weapon you want in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. You can select a specific Masterwork and use Prey Mods to include/exclude certain perks. So the Wrathborn Hunts are probably the best way to farm god roll weapons. In the video, i'll go over all the stats and perks of Friction Fire. I'll discus my opinion on what you should look for, in both a Friction Fire pve god roll, as well as a Friction Fire pvp god roll. Here's What fellow guardians are saying about Friction Fire on Light gg Killing Wind turns this gun into a lightweight frame on steroids; high mobility, snapshot and range boost. Go for Wellspring or rampage and reload MW. I can't take this thing off with the killing wind roll, trust me you want this perk. 2 600 RPM that can come with Wellspring or Rampage. A very solid primary in PvE (especially with all the sun-setting weapons). But the low reload and handling stat make Killing Wind, Subsistence, Auto-reload, and Field-Prep a must. Not much use in PvP tho 2 I got arrowhead break, accurized rounds, killing wind, and wellspring with a range mw. This thing is beyond fun in pve. Can clear ads really fast and keep all my abilities going I love it so far gonna farm for same roll but with rampage 1 Rolled a Hammer-forged / Accurized / Zen Moment / Unrelenting -- I get the feeling this gun will be a sleeper hit in PvP, Subsistence / Wellspring for PvE -- and I'm looking forward to seeing how it performs! 1 I got threat detector vorpal weapons. good perk combination but recoil and damage sucks 0 Threat detector + wellspring is a filthy combo on this weapon. Great for add clear with minor spec on to get your abilities back ASAP. Range MW makes this even more fun to use due to no recoil. Definitely a great replacement to fill that exit strategy hole in our loadouts. 0 Roll: Smallbore/Accurized Rounds/Zen Moment/Wellspring. First and only roll. A PvP oriented review. Feels like an Antiope-D supplement. Having the same rate of fire, barrel and magazine options it fulfils the same role. However, it doesn't quite top the Antiope due to not having kill clip. With my version, It felt like a very solid submachine gun. I could take my keep of kills and more with this thing and have my abilities back faster. Four stars, but no more. 0 This weapon could replace escape velocity due to subsistence having an amazing synergy with many of its 4th column perks (wellspring, vorpal, unrelenting, rampage), I see this weapon becoming the go-to kinetic primary legendary for ad clear and general play. 10/10 for me -68 So to be Honest it looks like a worse Escape velocity for pve and has nothing going for it in pvp, killing wind rampage could be niece but i dont see this one get any attention Here is the Lore accosiated with Friction Fire FRICTION FIRE Speed, heat, and Light. Fire away. Source: "Hunt for the Wrathborn" quest. REPORT AD Lore Friction Fire Speed, heat, and Light. Fire away. "What do you mean, 'lost'?" The Spider's tone is filled with ill-concealed fury. He leans forward in his throne. "Their Pikes were equipped with trackers. Why didn't you chase them down?" Brivi kneels in front of Spider, all four of his palms on the ground. "Their Pikes remained. They are outside. Just the crew was gone. And the crates." He does his best to appear compliant by tamping down his quills. "Gone. In the middle of the Reef. On foot. With over a million Glimmer in weapons. Something about this doesn't add up." Spider motions to Avrok and Ahrrha, who advance on Brivi with Molten Welders raised. "But we'll get to the truth of things soon enough." Brivi begins to panic. "Please, Baron Spider. If it were not truth, I would not come back." Avrok prepares to melt off one of Brivi's upper arms, and looks to the Spider for the order. Before Spider can speak, Crow steps forward from the wings. "If I may, my Baron…" Spider gestures for Avrok to hold, and turns his attention to the Lightbearer. "What is it? If you don't have the stomach for my discipline, you have permission to leave the room." #destiny #destiny2 #beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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