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DESTINY 2 - How to Get Gambit Prime Gear, Reckoning Gameplay

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You weren't fooling anyone "Drifter"
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What's up guys? Today March the 5th, Season of the Drifter has started. With it comes two new game mods, Gambit Prime and Reckoning. Playing these two new modes can get you new gear and weapons. There are now Gear Sets with Set Bonus' depending on what your play style is. The sets are Reaper, Collector, Sentry and Invader. To start, talk to the Drifter - who is now on the right side of the Annex. The Drifter will give you the bounty Who are You? . To complete it, complete a Gambit Prime Bounty. After, head back to the Drifter, he will give you the next step. You'll eventually get a Weak Synthesizer. You'll use this with one of the Synthes you get from playing Gambit Prime and doing it's bounties. Take the Weak Synthesizer to Reckoning and deposit it in the bank before jumping down the portal. You'll be rewarded with a piece of armor if you complete it.

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