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Shadowkeep is out and with it a whole bunch od new legendary weapons. Loud Lullaby is one of those. Loud Lullaby is a new hand cannon, it's moon....or Eris Mourn themed? I'm not even sure haha. Anyways you'll need an Essence of Brutality. I found mine from killing a Nightmare Boss. You can also purchase an Essence of Brutality, eventually - after some missions - for 1 Phantasmal Shard. You can find those randomly off Nightmare enemies, or you can buy one from Eris for 20 Phantasmal Fragments, which you can also get off Nightmare Enemies. Anyways, when you have an Essence of Brutality, equip and hand cannon, and get 50 kills. You'll also need to complete activities, so anything on the moon will do. Strikes, public events, whatever you want. The hard part is finding the Necromantic Strand. The Necromantic Strand is in the Halls of Wisdom on the Moon and in the Archers Line area. follow the path i take in the video!

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