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Love and Death is a new Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. It's a Ritual Weapon which you can get from Eris Mourn. You'll need an Essence of Insanity, which I believe you drops randomly from powerful enemies on the Moon, particularity Nightmare Hive. You'll need to do two things to get Love and Death, get 100 kills in Strikes, Crucible or Gambit. You'll also need a Bound Manacle. The Bound Manacle can be found in the Gatehouse is located in the Hellmouth on the Moon. Follow the path you see me take and be prepared to fight a powerful hive night. Afterwards, you can get Love and Death - the new Ritual Weapon Grenade Launcher from Eris Mourn. It can roll with Spike Grenades and it's Aggressive frame. So if you don;t have a Grenade launcher with Spike grenades be sure to grind for Love and Death. Aggressive frame Grenade launchers are one of the most powerful weapons in Destiny 2!

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