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Final Fantasy 7 Remake is out! With the FF7 Remake return, so do some of our favorite Final Fantasy 7 Summons. Shiva makes her return, of course, it wouldn't be final fantasy without her. You can find Shiva in Final Fantasy 7 Remake by first interacting with and doing the small quests for Chadley. Chadley is an interesting person who wants to study you and your combat skills to make better material. After finding Aries and bringing her home, you can find chadley at the center of her shanty/slum town. If you have done enough of the small side quests for Chadley, they will offer you the chance to face off against Shiva and if you win, you get her a Summon. Shiva is, of course, Ice, so she is weak to fire. Be sure to bring Ifrit as well as your best fire magic.  Shiva's Stagger meter will fill up fast when fire is used against she. So that's basically it. Shivas location is in your mind bro......

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