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DESTINY 2 - How To Get Thorn Fast, How To Start the Thorn Quest

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Get Thorn Fast!
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What's up guys?! Thorn, the newish exotic hand cannon became available on March 12th. Thorn is a returning exotic hand cannon from Destiny 1. It was known for being reallly overpowered and dominating in the crucible and trials of Osiris. To start the Thorn Quest, travel to the EDZ and take the path I do leading to the farm. You'll find a Melted Hunk of Metal which you need to bring to Banshee-44. He'll then give you the next step to get Thorn, called The Essence. To complete The Essence, you need 50 Hadronic Essence. The best way to the the hadronic essences is from completing Nightfall Strikes, you'll get 15 hadronic essences for each completion. After, you'll get the quest step called The Steel. To complete The Steel, you'll want to complete 5 Heroic Blind Well completions, each completion will give you 10 Platesteel Plating. After The Steel, we get the portion called The Binding. The fastest way to complete The Binding is to do 10 Escalation Protocol rounds. Regardless of the tier of Escalation Protocol, you'll get 5 Sapphire Wire. After The Binding, we get the step called Weaponize The Unknown, to complete this portion, we need to head into the crucible and get Void kills or Hand Cannon Kills. Precision Void Hand Cannon kill streaks will get you the most efficient progress. If you do this in Iron Banner or Competitive Crucible, your progress will be greater. One of the best weapons to use to coplete Weaponize The Unknown is Ikelos_HC_V1.01 , or just better known as the Ikelos Hand Cannon. It's a precision frame hand cannon that is also void. When you're finished with this portion, we have to speak to Tyra Karn. Tyra will give us the quest step called The Chasm of Screams. The Chasm of Screams is a 660 power level very hard version of Savathun's Song. It has the modifiers : Iron, Blackout and Harsh Elements. This is a very difficult strike so be the right power level and play smart. After you complete this step, you have Thorn! Congratulations!

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