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DESTINY 2 - Jotunn? Mo Fun! Jotunn PVP, Jotunn Review

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Best New PVP Weapon!
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Hey guys! I got really lucky this morning and found Jotunn the new Exotic Fusion Rifle for Destiny 2 the Black Armory! I can confirm that Jotunn drops from forging powerful weapon frames in Bergusia Forge. So stick to Bergusia when you're doing them IMO. Jotunns essentially shoots a tracking fireball. It'll explode on impact and leave a burning spot on the ground, anything that stands in it will get a burning dot. 

Jotunn has got to be my new favorite weapon for pvp. Jotunns blows people apart, especially if they arent prepared or arent mobile - running, sliding, jumping. Jotunn will destroy players who don't know how to manage moving and shooting. Is it the best pvp weapon.....maybe? For me, id say yes, although Luna's may keep that place in a lot of peoples hearts....and heads.

It's a better pvp weapon than pve weapon imo, but that's just me. It may suit your play style a lot more than mine for PVE. At least Jotunn is RNG based, so it won't completely take over the crucible yet

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