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DESTINY 2 - Jotunn? Mo Fun! Jotunn PVP, Jotunn Review

#destiny2 #kindledorchid #godroll 

Free Kindled Orchid!
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What's going on guys? Some of the Black Armory Curated Weapons are insane! Bungie did a great job designing these guns. Your ability to mix and match different weapons and different slot combinations has been great this season, im happy and impressed with the improvments Destiny has been implementing. 

So, the Kindled Orchid is one of those weapons. The curated roll comes with Corkscrew Rifling, Drop Mag, Kill Clip and Rampage. The combination of these perks make this gun insane. With Kill Clip and Rampage, you can do 243% more damage than your base Kindled Orchid damage. Thats crazy! You'll want to mod your Curated Kindled Orchid with Rampage Spec. Ill go over the Kindled Orchid Curated DPS with Kill Clip and Rampage stacking. Forge curated rolls are turning out to be really good! I might have to do a video on Strikers Sure hand and it's curated rolls too. Now...I don't actually hae the curated Kindled Orchich, but i do have a Kindled Orchid God Roll - Idenitical to the Kindled Orchid Curated Roll.


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