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Komodo-4FR is a new Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle. It's the Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Crucible Ritual Weapon. Ritual weapons were formerly called Pinnacle weapons, however, Destiny 2 watered them down a bit so they were so powerful. There hasn't been a ton of positive hype around Komodo-4FR and I think that's because most epople view power weapons for crucible as something that goes 'Boom'. Well, Komodo-4FR proves that a great Crucible Ritual Weapon can also go PEW PEW. A bit of the negativity revolves around its relation to arbalest. Arbalest can 1 shot head shot guardians too, but it only needs special ammo. With all the linear fusion rifle buffs and mods not available it's easier than ever to keep up your ammo. So what's the point of Komodo-4FR? Well first off, it's great under fire because of two perks, No distractions which drastically reduces your flinch after aiming down sights for a moment and Eye of the Storm, which increases your accuracy and reduces flinch when low health. So these two perks work great in tandem with each other. Komodo-4FR also has Moving target, which will increase your target acquisition and movement speed when ADS. Both arbalest and Komodo-4FR will one shot most supers on a head shot. So they are tied there. Komodo-4FR will also grant you a full mag - 5 shots when collecting a heavy brick in regular crucible playlist. It's also legendary, so unlike Arbalest, if you want you want to utilize your exotic slot for an other weapon but still want to use a linear fusion Rifle Komodo-4FR would be a good choice for you. I'm not overly impressed by it, but it doesn't feel bad either. I personally don't collect heavy ammo too much, and if i do it's typically for a rocket launcher or grenade launcher. To get Komodo-4FR you'll have to go into the crucible playlist and get 125 kills with linear fusion rifles and 15 precision kills. You'll also need to get to Heroic rank in competitive crucible playlist. I believe Heroic is 1000 glory. This is much lower than previous DLC crucible pinnacle or ritual weapons where one would need 2100 glory. 

Here's what fellow guardians are saying about Komodo-4FR on Light gg

There are better Linear Fusion Rifles for PVE, which is why I would rate i below average, since LFR are also in strong competition in that slot. For PVP it's one of the best choices, as it offers great abilities to secure headshots at the moment. Drawbacks are that you usually don't want to hang onto power ammo in PVP, which counters the usefulness of LFR like this one.

I mean, it's a good linear fusion rifle for pvp, but besides people who like those, there is literally no reason to use it over any other kind of heavy.

this thing is nuts in cruicble, shoots almost as fast as a sniper but the aim is more forgiving. I feel like i cant miss the head with this thing. This thing is much better that Arbalest or Crooked Fang based on charge time being boosted!

I dont think it's bad at all. I play primarily in competitive, it gives 5 shots on heavy pick up, so It has the potential of 5 kills which is huge. If not, you body them and teammates can clean up. It's got big play making potential especially with that increase in aim assist bungie did. It's pretty sticky.

This thing's perks don't make it out to be much, but don't let them decieve you. The kicker is it's Aim Assist. It's got 62 base, which can be bumped up to 67 with Targeting Adjuster, and even further with moving target. It feels like using an aimbot with Targeting Adjuster and Moving Target.

If you're concerned about the grind, I got it done in 1 day and I'm not good at PVP.

Another side note: This gun is really only build for PVP. Go get a Crooked Fang for PVE.

Season of Dawn? More like Season of Arbalest.
I don't have this thing just yet but it almost got the exact same stats and perks as my Crooked Fang and that thing is kinda ass. So I don't have big hopes for it tbh 

Here's the lore attached to Komodo-4FR 
I await the perfect moment and watch my enemies decay.
Source: Complete this weapon's associated Crucible quest.

I await the perfect moment and watch my enemies decay.

The Crucible. Where legends are born. It's intimidating, to say the least, but it's also an honor to be here—to participate in building better Guardians.

I could hardly believe it when my Ghost woke me. Now, stepping foot on the hallowed grounds of the Rusted Lands for the first time, I'm overwhelmed with pride. I'm here and ready to make a mark.

The round opens with a total assault from the competition and I… just panic. I run, seeking cover. I watch from a distance as my fellow Guardians are mowed down. I'm not as prepared for this as I thought, but my cowardice pays off. I see them regrouping down the line. I ready my Rifle. This is my chance.

Footsteps approach from behind. I turn to meet them and run face first into the

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