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DESTINY 2 - Le Monarque 1 Shot PVP Kills, Review and DPS

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1 Shot PVP Bow Kills!
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Whats up guys?! Heres a quick overview and review of the Exotic Bow Le Monarque. This Exotic Bow can be found by completing powerful weapon frames from any forge, Volunder Forge, Gofannon Forge or Izanami Forge. Probably the Niobe Forge too. Although it also has a very small chance from non powerful weapon frames too. 

In pvp, Le Monarque can 1 hit kill. This is done by using an Empowering Rift from a Warlock. For the build, I use the bottom tre of the Stormcaller tree, this way you get faster rift charge while near other players and the arc soul to do addition damage when the sparks shoot. I'll also use Sanguine Alchemy for its enhanced radar. Although you could use any warlock exotic.

For PVE, Le Monarque has a single target DPS or about 1600-1700 depending on how fast your reaction time is going to be. The dot will tick for 120, 8 times over 3 sec. so 960. It can only stack twice because it takes about 1.5sec per arrow to fully draw and fire. Therefore 640DPS. Le Monarque's base DPS is about 1044DPS. It does 1503 on the Orge and can be fired every 1.44sec. So 1503/1.44 =1044DPS

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