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"Master Nightmare Hunts begin in Destiny 2 this week. Here’s all you need to know.

Nightmare Hunts have been a stable of Destiny 2’s new Shadowkeep expansion since release. After completing the main Shadowkeep campaign, Nightmare Hunts become available for players to complete in order to obtain powerful level gear. Each new week added an additional difficulty level, and this week comes the highest level of all: Master.

Just like Nightfall: The Ordeal’s highest difficulty, Master Nightmare Hunts are set at Power Level 980. That means everything will hit harder than a truck without brakes speeding downhill with a full payload of angry cows in the trailer. Worse, since it’s a Nightmare, it’s full of those equally angry Nightmare Champions.

You can take a full set of Dreambane armor (or mods) to help stay alive against the Nightmares, but other than that, you’ll need to be at least around the level cap of 960 (or be damn good at Destiny 2 to even hope to defeat the Master Hunt. To make things even easier, you can level up your Seasonal Artifact to give you extra bonus levels to get close to Power Level 980.

Just like Nightfall: The Ordeal, Nightmare Hunts will have random modifiers to make the mission even more difficult. That can range from taking increase arc and void damage from enemies, but also include the new Unstoppable, Overload, and Disruption Champions. Added in Shadowkeep, these Champions require specific mods available from the Seasonal Artifact in order to defeat.


Shadowkeepvia Bungie
Certain Exotic weapons, such as Eriana’s Vow and the newly added Leviathan’s Breath also have these same mod effects built-in, making them useful against such Champions.

While regular Nightmare Hunts have a weekly reward that will give players Powerful Tier 1 gear after completing three hunts, Master Nightmare Hunts will give players a Pinnacle-tier reward. They also have a better chance of dropping enhanced mods if players achieve a high score.

Master Nightmare Hunts start this week and last all season, so get your power level up and prepare to be afraid."


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