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I am one lucky Ma F.......! Monte Carlo Is INSANE! 
I was playing Crucibal to get some powerful gear, my fourth match finishes. I'm about to get my powerful reward when....BAM. I'm skewerd by the pointy end of a god! Monte Carlo might be the best weapon in Shadowkeep. Although it's still too early to tell, there are a few Exotics and Raid weapons arent out yet, I'd put a bet on this being a favorite of almost everyone. Monte Carlo is returning from Destiny 1 and makes a big debut in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep again, bigger and pointier than before. Monte Carlo has two main perks, Monte Carlo Method and Markov Chain. Monte Carlo Method restores part or ALL of your melee ability on a kill and Markov Chain is a damage buff very similar to Swash Buckler. Check out the video and see for yourself, Monte Carlo is a beast.

Is It The Best Weapon In Shadowkeep?!

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