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DESTINY 2 - Mysterious Datapad Solved, Niobe Labs Puzzle and New Cut Scene!

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Watch Me Give Ada-1 Some Head!
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Full Quest Guide for Izanagi's Burden

Heya guys, there was an additional quest which was started when you open up the Mysterious Box. The Mysterious Box leads to you getting Izanagi's Burden, an amazing exotic. Get on it Guardians.

So the additional quest comes from a Mysterious Datapad. The Mysterious Datapad asks us to solve a riddle, hints are given throughout the text. To complete and solve the riddle we have to go to Niobe Labs, right outside of Bergusia Forge. Come prepared with The Spiteful Fang, Tatara Gaze, Hammerhead and Izanagi's Burden. You'll need Izanagi's Burden to take down the shields of special taken enemies. 

When you get to Niobe Labs, there is a switch on the bottom floor, turn it on to continue the quest. After the loading screen, you'll need to shot a few symbols in a sequence with all three Black Armory Weapons. The sequence to solve the riddle is: 

Facing Bersugia Forge

Bow ---- Papers --- Left Column
LMG---- Arc/Cloud ---- Right Column
Snip ---- Pagoda ----- Back Right Column
Bow ----Sun Rise ----- Floor, Right
LMG ---- Star ------ Floor ,2nd Floor Center
         ---- Hand ------ Floor, 2nd Floor Right
Snip ---- Black Armory Symbol ------ Roof, back center first floor

After imputing the correct sequence, you'll see the Re spawning Restricted come up if you did. Taken and a few Taken Blights spawn. You'll need Izanagi's Burden to take the shields off of the Taken Enemies. There are a few ways until you're done. When complete, you'll receive the Obsidian Accelerator, now return to Ada-1. When you do, there is a new cut scene. After the scene, you're rewarded with the Emblem Obsidian Dreams. Also, you get notified of an addition quest available. However, this has not been found as is likely linked to a timed event.

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