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What's up guys and gals?!

This Tuesday, September 17th, Bungie released a new Vidoc about the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion. There is a lot of great information about the future and start of PVE, PVP and building your Guardian. Bungie also touches on the upcoming story of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep and how our past has created our present and will continue to shape the future. They mention the new Shadowkeep dungeon and we get to see more Shadowkeep Exotics! Including more Shadowkeep exotic weapons.

The FULL Video:

Moving onto the September 17th Destiny 2 Reset. Iron Banner is back and it's a valor week. Great timing if you need to reset your valor rank or are still grinding for your Iron Banner Armor and weapons. This weeks flashpoint is on Titan. Tess is selling Digital Ops, a MIDA Multi-tool Ornament. The Fire Victorious Shell, the Drop Pod Shell, Ronin the Izanagi's Burden Ornament. Izanagi's Burden may turn out to be the DPS king of Shadowkeep, especially if you have the Izanagi's Burden Catalyst and Izanagi's Burden Masterworked. For the Dreaming City, Petra is over in rheasilvia and has the mission the Dark Monetarist. The Ascendant Challenge is over in aphelion's rest, pop a tincture of queensfoil when you're there and head on it. It's not difficult to solo

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