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Alright, so with allllll the shotguns in pvp i've been getting a little aggravated. Not hating on anyone, I just find them way too difficult to counter. Especially as a warlock, where I don't have the speed and movement that a hunter or titans have. So it got me thinking, what can I do to stop them in their tracks? Well, i came to one conclusion, CONTRAVERSE HOLD. Now, Contraverse Hold is a little OP too. But what choice do I have lol?! There's only so much one Warlock can do against a team sliding hunters and bull charging titans right? Anyways, I made this build to counter these kinds of things. Obviously, with Contraverse Hold ill be using a Voidwalker subclass - Voidwalker used to be my go-to for Warlock pvp until season on dawn came around but i'm creeping my way back. I fell in love with the celestial fire, what can i say. This has got to be the best possible warlock build for pvp that doesn't use a shotgun. I know what you're thinking..... yeah but Bastion. HEY HEY.... Bastion is a Fusion Rifle ok lol. Fusion Rifles arent much better, lets be honest. Things like Erintil can map players. Anyways, I pair Bastion with The Recluse and Contraverse Hold. The idea is, if you suspect they are going to charge you, or hey maybe you just want that crispy kill - charge up Handheld Supernova, Contraverse Hold will protect you bro. Use Bastion whenever applicable, and if you get a kill with it, you can swap to The Recluse for that sloppy seconds clean up with Master of Arms. Admittedly, this build has it's draw backs. You've got next to no range, so make sure you know where to fight in each map. Personally, I really like this build for Warlock pvp, especially to counter Shotguners. Try this Warlock pvp build out for yourself, youll soon see its one of the best warlock pvps ever. Ok well maybe one of the best warlock pvp builds for 2020

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