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Siva makes Siva which makes more Siva......
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What's going on guys?! Today ill be showing you the Outbreak Perfected, the new....newish Exotic Pulse Rifle that Destiny released on march the 7th. Outbreak Perfected was Previously Outbreak Prime in Destiny 1. It's made a return and it's back with vengeance! Outbreak Perfected will cause Siva nanites to spawn on rapid hits and precision kills, it pairs really well with its other perk Parasitism - Parasitism will cause anything which was or is effected by Siva to take more damage from Outbreak perfected. To start the Outbreak Perfected quest, head to Titan and do the Daily heroic story mission called Bad Neighbors, after you kill the shirker in the next room turn left and open the door. You'll find a fallen transponder near some of the back consoles. This Fallen transponder will take 6 nodes. Nodes 1-4 are on Earth. Two are in the Outskirts in the Lost sectors The Drain and Whispering Falls. The other two are in Trostland, in the Church lost sector and to the neighboring lost sector to the left. The last two fallen transponder nodes are on nessus, take the fast travel point to Exodus Black. Directly across from the spawn point, the Lost sector will have the 5th node. After head to the Glade of Echos and into the lost sector there. Now that you have all 6 nodes, head to the Farm. On the right side of the Farm is a basement which we can go into, there will be a Fallen Captain waiting for us. If you prompt the Fallen, you'll start the last portion of the Quest called Zero Hour. Zero Hour is pretty difficult if you're under leveled - so get as close to 700 as possible. Refer to the video on how to get through the maze! At the end of Zero Hour, if you complete it in time, you'll get Outbreak Perfected!

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