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An 'EXTRAORDINARY' Comeback For Submachine Guns | Extraordinary Rendition God Roll Review

Extraordinary Rendition is a New Aggressive Frame Submachine Gun in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen. Submachine Guns got an indirect buff in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen, Submachine Guns have had their camera shake reduced by 24%. As a controller user, playing Destiny on a PS5 *Flex*, I can tell you personally that Submachine Guns were awkward and too shaky to use. But now, they feel much much better, the Submachine Gun camera shake will help you out tons in the crucible PVP, as your accuracy will most likely go WAY up. The Submachine Gun buff will also aid you in PVE too for the same reasons, although obviously not as 'extraordinary'. How to get Extraordinary Rendition, well to get Extraordinary Rendition, you'll have to find it by ranking up the War table, opening/honing Umbral Engrams, or by opening up a Tribute Chest at the end of a Battleground. Battlegrounds are new to Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen, so make sure you check out my guide for a full break down. There is also a brand new perk available on Extraordinary Rendition, called Frenzy. Frenzy was added to Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen. What frenzy does, is increase your damage, handling and reload speed when you have been in combat for a few seconds.... probably averaging around 7-11. Frenzy will also stick around through weapon swaps and will presets indefinitely as long as you are in combat. The Frenzy damage buff is 20%, although this isnt as powerful as ramage or mutikill clip, the fact that it can stay up through an entire encounter is amazing. In this video and full God Roll guide to Extraordinary Rendition, ill go over all of Extraordinary Renditions' base stats, as well as all of its possible random rolls. There is also a curated roll of Extraordinary Rendition which i'll discus. Lastly, i'll go over what I think you should look for inboth a pve and pvp god roll of Extraordinary Rendition. Here are Extraordinary Rendition stats Weapon Stats Impact 22 Range 48 Stability 17 Handling 60 Reload Speed 30 Rounds Per Minute 750 Magazine 28 Hidden Stats Aim Assistance 34 Inventory Size 35 Zoom 15 Recoil 97 Bounce Intensity 3 Bounce Direction Tends Vertical Here's what your fellow guardians are saying about Extraordinary Rendition on Light gg best feeling smg ive used in a while, and is nice thanks to seasonal disruption smgs. havent tried it in pvp yet, but it has an amazing perk selection and i imagine itd do well with some range perks. 2 Got one with surplus/frenzy and its just feels amazing. Don't know what exactly is the trigger for frenzy, but when its active it melts and reloads super quick. 1 First roll I got was Overflow + Rampage... UM. YES PLEASE. 1 MY first roll of this was very bad but it still slaughtered. cant wait to see how good the god roll is. 1 This was the first weapon I received from the new season. Rolled with Arrowhead/accurized rounds/overflow/one for all with a stability masterwork. Arrowhead buffs the recoil to a perfect 100, making the vertical recoil a breeze to control, despite the bad stability. Overflow puts 52 bullets in the magazine, and the damage buff from One For All is at least noticeable (and easy to proc on an smg) It shreds trash in PVE and I haven't taken it off since I got it. (have not gone into pvp yet) 1 Rampage+outlaw first roll on first drop, need I say less 1 You can use it with Deafening Whisper. 1 Got Outlaw + Rampage on the first drop. It's good. Made me think about leaving warmind cell builds. 1 got the first roll with zen moment and frenzy and dude when frenzy kicks in this things melts through red and orange bar enemies. im trying to farm a outlaw frenzy one for maximum carnage. get it while its hot 0 Frenzy + Overflow is all you need for Pve. Seem like you need a couple of secs to proc frenzy when you are in combat area(when ads are around and you are firing your guns). But this buff went away when there was no enemy around. From my estimation the damage buff is around 20%. I love it so far. Have around 700+ kills in pve Already. 0 Really great with Frenzy in PVE, it feels a lot like Tarrabah but not quite as fast, but Frenzy is so much easier to activate. Basically makes it an easier to use Tarrabah with auto activating long lasting perk 0 Using this gun with Frenzy just feels so good. 0 this was the first new weapon I got from the new season. wasn't even a good roll (firmly planted & tap the trigger) and it is one of my favourite of all time. the gun feels great to play with and has some good rolls. definitely gonna be grinding for a god roll #destiny#destiny2#beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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