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ANTHEM - Stronghold, Tyrant Mine, Storm Gameplay

ANTHEM - Stronghold, Tyrant Mine, Storm Gameplay :

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We're going to play through the Anthem Stronghold called Tyrant Mine. At the end, we face off against the boss, the Swarm Tyrant. The Swarm Tyrant is a huge, bullet sponge of a spider creature. Strongholds in Anthem are like Dungeons or Strikes in Destiny 2. The Tyrant Mine was a lot of fun, it's a little bit longer than your typical strike would be, which is great in my opinion. In this Stronghold, you make your way collecting Echoes and Relics until eventually you make your way to the Swarm Tyrant. Unlike Strikes in Destiny, Strongholds have more objectives to complete before moving on, Strongholds have been developed in a way so you actually have to play through the content and cannot skip most of it. I play the Stronghold on the Storm Javalin, ill likely be using Storm as my main Javalin. I've also beat the Tyrant Mine with a Ranger Javalin too, however i had more fun using the Storm. The Tyrant Mine took about 45 minutes to complete. At the end of the Stronghold, we can check out our loot and what we can Salvage or use for our other Javalins to use. I enjoy the loot system in Anthem, i'd prefer people to be focused on the content and completing the mission/stronghold rather than checking it out while everyone is dying lol.





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