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BITING WINDS | Can Biting Winds 1 Shot In PVP? (Swashbuckler) | Biting Winds God Roll Review

Biting Winds is the New Legendary Precision Frame Bow that we can get on Europa. How to get Biting Winds? Well it's pretty easy, you can get a new Randomly Rolled Biting Winds by heading to Variks and selecting the bounty on his Second Page. These Weapon bounties are usually pretty quick and often take place in the Eclipsed Zone. You can also get an other copy of Biting Winds by farming Lost Sectors and Public Events on Europa too. Biting Winds has a few good combinations it con roll with. Although combat bows are often preferred in the crucible when using Bows, Biting Winds does manage to hold it's own. Biting Winds is very accurate and if you roll Biting Winds with Moving Target and Snapshot Sights, it is a very snappy, constant and accurate bow. You might be able to one shot with Biting Winds. A one shot head shot with a bow is often difficult. But if you get Swashbuckler and proc x5 on a melee kill, I believe you'll 1 shot guardians in the Crucible! I saw Biting Winds do 154 damage to the head. If we add 30% to that from Swashbuckler Biting Winds will do 200 or more damage! In this Biting Winds Review, i'll give you my overall opinion on Biting Winds in pve and pvp. I'll tell you all the base stats of Biting Winds, as well as all the possible Random Roll Combinations. After that, i'll tell you what I think you should look for in a Biting Winds God Roll for both pve and pvp. Here are the base stats of Biting Winds Weapon Stats Impact 76 Accuracy 78 Stability 49 Handling 54 Reload Speed 46 Draw Time 684 Hidden Stats Aim Assistance 66 Inventory Size 61 Zoom 18 Recoil 63 Bounce Intensity 37 Bounce Direction Tends Right Here's what fellow Guardian's are saying about Biting Winds on Light gg PvP: Elastic string / Fiberglass arrow shaft / Moving target / Swashbuckler / Draw time masterwork / Icarus grip. It's a compound bow with swashbuckler. Melee kills will give a 4.5 second window where you will oneshot headshot, each kill will refresh the duration. Swash is easy to trigger, a hipfired bow shot + melee attack is a guaranteed kill in nearly all cases. If you see anyone in crucible using this roll, hide and pray they do not find you. Good luck. PvE perks are decent. 4 Stealth545 has the PvP perfectly so heres PvE: Polymer / Fiberglass / Surplus / Explosive Draw MW and targeting adjuster or a spec of some kind Since its a compound you want to get accuracy higher with poly rather than elastic, surplus will help take up the hand and stab. Another option that is a lot more fun but might not be as good, would be symp arsenal with a quick access sling, this combo on a bow means you practically have quickdraw and auto loading holster on every other weapon. 2 Using an Elastic / Carbon Shaft / Killing Wind / Swashbuckler roll (sadly with a reload MW) This does really good in PVP though, I think it's one of the only bows I've actually done well with, and was fun to use. It feels very consistent, and like Stealth545 says, it's a compound bow with swash. Pair it with Killing Wind and it becomes a beast, it chains kills upon kills. Does pretty solid in PVE, but misses some key perks needed for PVE bows. 1 No Archer's Tempo makes me a very sad bowman. Imagine Archer's Tempo/Swashbuckler on a Precision Frame... Just make sure to keep a fresh pair of undies close at hand. That said, I'll take a 576 Draw Time Swashbuckler roll on this bow any day of the week. Moving Target or Quickdraw are my top picks for the third column, though I've still got to see how Killing Wind's Range buff performs on a weapon that doesn't have a Range stat in the first place. 0 Quick draw, swash with draw time masterwork. This thing will slap a guardian into next Tuesday so fast it's almost unfair once u get swash to proc. I love this bow. 0 Really enjoying this bow! Swashbuckler is really nice. The ability to immediately 5 stack the buff is extremely useful in PvE. I have two rolls, one with Rapid Hit/Swashbuckler and one with Surplus/Swashbuckler. I'm struggling to decide between Rapid Hit and Surplus, however. On one hand, Surplus is always up, but is nerfed as you use abilities. On the other hand, if you fail to crit a single arrow, you lose Rapid Hit and have to start over. I wish I had the math on Rapid Hit vs Surplus. -2 interested to see how swash works on a bow. Think this will be excellent in pve. Not sure in pvp #destiny#destiny2#beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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