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Breachlight | SAINT-14 SIDEARM | God Roll & Perks

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Breachlight is a NEW Sidearm in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, Destiny 2 Season 9. It's available by linking the Tangled Shore Obelisk and completing the Sundial. You can also earn Breachlight by completing bounties given out by the Tangled Shore Obelisk, but you have to rank the Obelisk up first. There are some new Season of Dawn Perks available on Breachlight, including Vorpal Weapon, Elemental Capacitor and Osmosis. I'll go over each of these new perks and the potential God Roll for Breachlight in both PVE and PVP.

Here's what fellow Guardians are saying about it on Light GG.

Not really a fan of sidearms in general, but this one packs quite a punch. Only tested in PvE, but Outlaw/Mutlikill Clip are really good. The model is also looking really cool.

Thing feels crisp as hell in pvp. Been using it all day with hunter knives, if you can find an energy weapon you'd like paring with a sidearm, I 110% recommend trying out this thing. Really fast ttk if you can land your shots at some pretty decent distances. Really good ape counter as well

Outlaw rampage on this thing is good but would of preferred multikill clip. Don't sleep on it its a competitor to recluse

With the new buff, and the right roll, this gun is excellent, especially in PVE. Don't sleep on it.

better than recluse in pve with the right roll, ok in pvp

This weapon currently is an amazing tool for Khepris horn. Allows one to have a solar/demolitionist weapon in the kinetic slot, opening up build options for the energy slot.

Excellent in every activity. Melts in PvP especially with vorpal weapon.

Awesome gun for PvP. Absolutely love it 3

PvE is also fine, but not so great.

And Here's the Lore attached to Breachlight



It has been melted and reforged many times.

"I find it odd, the cycle we are in. I have died many times. Reborn anew, the fight pulsing through my veins.

"The Vex, with their minds shared, must also know this sensation. Fighting to die. Dying to fight. Over and over.

"I wonder what they know that I do not. Do their calculations ever have them victorious in their pursuit?

"We share this perpetual sequence in our encounters, yet there is no common ground outside of our mutual bloodlust.

"I die again. The anger rises. I fight back harder, wiping out the entire squadron of their patrolling units. More arrive. I die again, ready for my resurrection."


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