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Buzzard | GREAT & EASY TO GET | Vanguard Ritual Weapon

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Buzzard is the new Vanguard Ritual Weapon for Destiny 2 Season of Dawn. Buzzard is an adaptive frame side arm. In Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, Side Arms got some love and better target acquisition! Buzzard is pretty easy to get, talk to zavala and pick up the quest shoot fast, tread lightly. You'll need to get 50 airborne side arm kills and a bunch of final blows. Breachlight is a great side arm to use to do the quest for Buzzard. Breachlight can roll with mutikill clip, you'll cut through enemies like butter. The perks on Buzzard are Extended Barrel, Extended Mag, Fourth Times the Charm, Outlaw, Osmosis and Swashbuckler. Swashbuckler has been a great perk this season, it's on a lot of new weapons and pairs really well with the season of dawn changes to dawnblade and the artifact. Pairing buzzard and something like Solar Plexus makes it really easy to keep up the x5 Swashbuckler Buff. Osmosis also has a lot of uses to synergize with your builds. Osmosis is also great for activities like Nightfalls and Master Nightmare Hunts because there is match game. Buzzard comes masterworked for stability and starts with a base of 70 stability....its very stable! Buzzard also fires at 300 RPM, but only 15 in the mag - however Outlaw really helps with this. In the video, ill show you how to get Buzzard - the buzzard stats and buzzard perks. As well as my overall feeling towards Buzzard and if it's any good. I'll tell you this, im liking Buzzard a lot more for PVE than pvp. But it think Buzzard is more meant for that anyways.

Here's what fellow guardians are saying about Buzzard on Light GG

outlaw + squashbuckler is the way to go, melt even major at incredible speed as long as you know how to actually use squashbuckler, ranged melee is great combo with this

its very easy to keep this at squashbuckler x 5 thanks to it high fire rate and good precision hit register

how strong is it? at x5 stack, body shot do almost the same damage as my 180rpm Trust Hand cannon precision shot, and this thing rpm is 300!

x5 stack and spam precision hit melt yellow bar like hot knife cut thru butter

It’s okay. Realistically you’re using Outlaw + Swashbuckler close to 100% of the time, which is a straight downgrade from Grave Robber + Swashbuckler Lonesome. Osmosis is cool for shield popping (and voidlocks) but without a damage perk or any range it’s not practical, and you can get it on weapons better suited to the purpose. It does it’s job in crucible, but other sidearms with opening shot or other PvP perks do it as well or better.

Snappy, and easy to obtain. Nothing more to say than: 'good work Bungie!'

It's an easy sidearm that can do both PVE and PVP (Although your mileage will vary for crucible depending on the map)

The best ritual weapon yet. Good job bungie

Pretty good for a sidearm.

A solid PvE weapon. I've paired it with major spec and it melts orange bars beautifully quick. Haven't tried it in PvP though

Not too bad in ove. Haven’t tried in pvp yet

Actually pretty good in pve and decent in pvp

And here's the lore attached to Buzzard


Legendary / Kinetic / Sidearm

Circle 'round, great harbinger of death.

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