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Cold Front | The Dawning 2019 Sub Machine Gun | Cold Front God Roll, Stats and Perks

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Cold Front is a New Sub Machine gun that came out with the Dawning 2019. It's only available during the Dawning 2019, so grab one quick if you want Cold Front. To get Cold Front, simply do the Dawning 2019 bounties given out by Eva levante. It has a random chance to rewarded from A Gift In Return. Cold Front is an Aggressive Frame Submachine Gun and have a ton of Recoil and Stability. There are however a few perks to counter this, like Zen Moment and Dynamic Sway Reduction. You can also get Feeding Frenzy and Kill Clip combo for an add clear machine.

Here's what fellow Guardians are saying about Cold Front on Light GG

May comp w/ antiope due to that higher RPM + max range looks like 81? FF/Rangefinder is an absolute beast though.

Gimme it NOW. I can't wait till tuesday PepeHands

Somehow ended up with Arrowhead/Chambered Comp, Accurized, FF, Kill Clip on my very first one. Makes me feel free to use my energy slot for whatever I want now. Had loads of fun in PvE, did decent in PvP too! Not quite the laser that Recluse is, but it definitely shocked some Apes.

My favorite SMG archetype and it has very good pool of perks, personally I will be grinding for:

Full Bore - Accurized Rounds - Feeding Frenzy - Kill Clip - Range MW

This roll will be very good for both PvE and PvP, though it's downside is being in the kinetic slot and therefore would replace Izanagi in PvE.

Rolled with chambered compensator/full bore, steady rounds, feeding frenzy, kill clip and range mw. Absolutely amazing roll that shreds in pve. I haven't tried it in pvp, but I'd imagine that it would be pretty formidable with chambered compensator for the increased recoil reduction and stability. With feeding frenzy you don't have to worry too much about landing precision hits for the fast reload, Amazing weapon if you can manage to land a similar roll.

Callin' it now, best rolls will be Zen/Kill Clip or FF/Kill Clip. Depends on your platform, really, but I cannot wait to get my hands on

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