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Corridors of Time Part 2 | NEW SAINT-14 QUEST! All Nessus Transponder Locations

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There's a NEW quest involving Saint-14 this week in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn. It's Corridors of Time Part 2! I'll show you how to get the Corridors of Time Quest done and where all the Transponders on Nessus need to be placed. There one tricky one in the Tangle. Although it looks like it'll be up top, its in a Cave in the Mists!


Legendary / Quest Step

Osiris believes you've impacted the timeline. Whether that's true or not, he's picked up a distress signal from Saint-14's Ghost emanating from inside the Vex Gate Network. Osiris suspects there is a gateway to the network on Nessus. Head there and find a way inside.

"We need quick access to the Vex network, and I've discovered a gateway on Nessus that is a perfect low-traffic entry point. I've armed you with some Vex transponders that will force the gateway open with a call-and-response sequence." —Osiris


Legendary / Quest Step

The Vex transponders you planted have detected a network signal at the Pools of Luminance at the Cistern. Head there and see if you can open a gateway to the Vex network on Nessus.

"Many Vex worlds have gateways into their Network. And they can open from either side. Never forget that." —Osiris


Legendary / Quest Step

You've found Saint-14's dead Ghost. Return to Osiris.

"Bring him home." —Osiris


Legendary / Quest Step

Collect Light to recharge the Sundial by defeating opposing Guardians in Crucible or Gambit modes, getting kills with your Super, and collecting Orbs of Light.

"The Sundial is my greatest creation and my greatest regret. What I had to do to forge it I can never take back. As a result, it has components that consume Light. And if you're serious about operating it again, you'll need to feed it. Nothing is free. Ever." —Osiris


Legendary / Quest Step

You entered the Sundial and saved Saint-14. But there are places within the Corridors of Time that you haven't seen yet.

"You charted the Corridors of Time and succeeded where Osiris failed. What else might you find in those temporal halls?" —Saint-14


Helm of Saint-14

"He walked out into the demon light. But at the end he was brighter." —Paean to Saint-14



SX: You know what they say about Titans.

C6: They're loud and abrasive?

SX: The good ones are all dead.

C6: You don't know that Saint is dead.

SX: The greatest Titan who ever lived just disappeared. Call it a hunch.

[A generator roars.]

C6: No one ever put down a Kell faster than he could. But man, he was a real weirdo.

SX: Eccentricity was his strength.

C6: Talking about the Speaker like you're related to him is eccentric. Claiming he's seen the future, that he fought Six Fronts fueled on the idea that some Guardian savior is coming? That's insane.

SX: Belief is a hell of a thing.

C6: Sure, yeah. One Guardian's going to fix everything. Kick Crota off the Moon. Make it look like us Vanguard know our head from our hindquarters. Hey, where are you going?

SX: One of the new recruits from Old Russia I've had my eye on—entering the Crucible for the first time.

C6: Hey, maybe they're the one. We'll call 'em Crota's End.

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