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DESTINY 2 - Arbalest, The NEW Revelry Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle

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What's up guys, the Revelry event is live as of April 16th! With it, you can get the new exotic linear fusion rifle Arbalest. It's not too difficult to get, but it will take a few hours of grinding. Head over to Eva Levante to start it up. Eva Levante will give you the Reveler's Tonic, this tonic will decrease the cooldown of your Melee, Class ability or Grenade - you decide. It will cost 50 Revelry Essence to use a buff but they are well worth it. To get the Arbalest, you need to complete the Triumph called Party Hard. Party Hard asks you to complete 7 of the Revelry Triumphs. The Triumphs arent difficult to complete, most are generating orbs of using your abilities. When you complete the Triumph and head back to Eva, make sure you also have 300 Reveler's Essence to purchase Arbalest. Arbalest is much more suited for pvp rather than pve in my opinion, it will one shot kill to a guardians head. The intrinsic perk on Arbalest is called Compounding Force, this perk will cause massive damage to an enemies shield. Arbalest also has Disruption Break, Disruption Break will cause an enemy to take 50% more kinetic damage if you break its shield with Arbalest. Arbalest How to get Arbalest Arbalest fast new linear fusion rifle Destiny 2 Revelry Revelry Event new exotic Revelry Essence Reveler's Essence Verdant Forest Arbalest Verdant Forest Revelric Light

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