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DESTINY 2 BLACK ARMORY - Opening Volundr Forge

DESTINY 2 BLACK ARMORY - Opening Volundr Forge
DESTINY 2 BLACK ARMORY - Opening Volundr Forge

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DESTINY 2 BLACK ARMORY - Opening Volundr Forge :

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It's here! An early Christmas gift, Destiny 2's season of the forge and Black Armory are finally out. The Black Armory content starts with a trip to the Spider, he gives you access to the Black Armory located in the Tower. When you arrive at the Black Armory, ADA-1 greets you. She's not fond of the light, or guardians for that fact. I hope to find out why. She sends you on a quest chain to open the forge and build a Black Armory Machine Gun. The first step is getting a Weapon Core from the Gulch or Outskirts in the EDZ and the killing 25 fallen. After this, you have to get 15 Power Weapon Mutikills on Hive and 50 Hive Power Weapon kills. Then, 25 Powerful Enemies killed with a Power Weapon. After that, 20 Radiant Seeds. Finally, when you return to ADA-1 she tells you where in the EDZ the forge is. After traveling to the forge, you must complete 2 rounds or killing special blue highlighted mobs and toss their radiant batteries into the forge. Then a boss fight. Unfortunately, the first round is 615 power level and the second round is 625 power level. I havent unlocked the forge yet! I suspect a lot of people will be able to when they're power level 615

Destiny 2 Forsaken Season of the Forge

Destiny 2 Forsaken Black Armory

Destiny 2 Black Armory

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