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DESTINY 2 - Crimson Days Gear, The Vow Bow and New Exotics

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Shaxx Married us? I did not consent!

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Whats going on guys?! Crimson Days started up again, with it we can get some new gear and cosmetic gear, like a few exotic ornaments. The Vow can be acquired pretty quickly, you need to collect 100 confectionery hearts. You can get 75 by doing a nightfall in a fireteam of two, and 15 for completing some easier bounties. So do a nightfall quick and 2 daiy bounties, youll have it done. You can also get some new cosmetic gear, like the Sugary Shell Exotic Ghost. Also some sparrows like, Undeterred an exotic sparrow. Also some new exotic ornaments like Prism for Prometheus Lens, Go About Your Business for Sweet Business, Dieselpunk for Wardcliff Coil. Also some new dances, like Flaunting Dance, Vengeful Dance and Armour Dance




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