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DESTINY 2 - Getaway Artist, The Best New Warlock Exotic! (IMO)

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Arc Power Over 9000 ------------ ------------------

Hey guys! Today ii'm showing off the Getaway Artist. The Getaway Artist is a new exotic Gauntlet that was introduced in the Season 6 update - Season of the Drifter. Getaway Artist is a random world drop, so you can only get it from completing bounties, nightfalls ect. There is no specific way to get Getaway Artist. The intrinsic perk on Getaway Artist is Dynamic Duo, hold down the grenade button to charge an arc soul turret. The sentient arc soul last for 20 seconds and will add about 750 DPS to your pve damage passively. It shoots 6 times a burst. In pvp, each shot will do 11 damage, depending on your enemies resilience, you could 3 burst them down without firing a shot! Getaway Artist is best paired with a helm with Ashes to Assets and Ordinance Mods. I use three Ordinance Mods when using the Getaway artist, this takes my grenade cooldown from 1:22 seconds to 0:43 seconds, pretty much in half! Also, if you use the middle tree on the stormcaller, the ionic traces you can get will help you be able to use the Arc soul almost every 20 seconds. You might be able to have it up at all times! This exotic isn't to be slept on, so if you have it go out in the crucible and some strikes to test it out. It's well worth your exotic slot. Also, I have the Getaway Artist Ornament Ayrin's Swagger. Destiny 2 new exotic New exotic Armor Exotic Gauntlets Getaway Artist OP Gaming Overpowered Exotic Overpowered Ayrin's Swagger Ordinance Mod Ordinance Mod Grenade Cooldown Ordinance Mod Reduction Getaway Artist pvp Getaway Artist pve Getaway Artist build

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