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DESTINY 2 - How To Get Bad JuJu ....I SPENT 300K GLIMMER!

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Buy Some Good Juju

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Bad Juju is now available! There is a pretty short, but expensive quest to get it though! I spent hundreds of thousands of Glimmer, thousands of Legendary shards, Bright Dust and Planetary Materials! Be prepared to unload your vault. The Bad Juju Quest involves the new Destiny 2 Event Called Moments of Triumphs. Callus has made a Tribute Hall for us, what a good guy.

Head to Werner on Nessus and open the chest next to him. That will give you Invitation From The Emperor. This has us heading to the Tribute Hall. Essentially, all we have to do it complete one Champion Bounty and get a Boon of Opulence. After this, we can claim our first tribute and open the full hall. When we do, you'll notice a large green chest in the middle, this hold Bad Juju. We need to offer 18 Tributes. The quickest way is to buy them, but you can also get them through triumphs.

When you place 18 tributes, we can start the new adventure called The Other Side. It's not overly hard, you can solo it. Obviously it's easier with a group. The Other Side is an Ascendant Realm on the Leviathan. At the end, we get Bad JuJu!

How to get Bad Juju and is Bad Juju OP? What kind of damage does Bad Juju do? I think Bad Juju is worth is, go out and get it! Is Bad juju is OP? I spent so much in the Hall of tributes, but whatever at least I can show you how to get Bad Juju Fast. It basically just one mission, The Other Side

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