DESTINY 2- January 15th Weekly Reset, News & Class Changes!

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset, January 11th 2019

DESTINY 2- January 15th Weekly Reset, News & Class Changes! : https://youtu.be/n-WLIIxSVlg

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Class Changes inc!

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DESTINY 2 - Mysterious Datapad Solved, Niobe Labs Puzzle and New Cut Scene : https://youtu.be/_8NLUnRCi28

Niobe Labs Puzzle Guide : https://imgur.com/a/qQjV9zI

Class Changes : https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/47570

What's up guys?! This Tuesday, January 15th 2019 there is a new Destiny 2 reset. This week, Iron Banner is back and it's a Valor week. So if you haven't made it to 650 yet, Iron Banner can get you 9 more powerful drops. Take advantage of it this week.

The Nightfalls this week are The Insight Terminus, Lake of Shadows and Exodus Crash.

Ada-1 has the Powerful Sword Frame, Powerful Pulse Rifle Frame and Powerful Machine Gun Frame available to be forge. If you haven't seen Jotunn drop yet, get working on these powerful frames and complete them in Bergusia Forge.

Tess is selling Never Through, an ornament for Bygones. Pride of Omolon ornament for Coldheart, Odrerir an Exotic Ship and Gothic Horror for Karnstein Armlets.

Petra Venj is over in the Strand because the curse has reset. The Story mission is Broken Courier and our Ascendant Challenge is located in the Garden of Esila. The Ascendant Challenge is Forfeit Shrine.

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