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DESTINY 2 - Last Word Quest, The Draw. How To Get The Last Word Fast! Last Word PVP

DESTINY 2 - Last Word Quest, The Draw. How To Get The Last Word Fast! Last Word PVP :

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Get the Last Word Fast

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What's up guys, The Last Word quest is out! Last Word is an exotic Hand Cannon released in the Black Armory Seasons pass. You can start the quest by Visiting The Drifter, where he'll give you The Draw Quest. To start, you have to defeat hive with solar damage. Collect 50 Hive Tablets and Kill 3 Hive Bosses. Then Return to the Drifter with the Cleansed Artifact. The Drifter then gives you the next step, The Temptation, you have to go into the crucible and get some kills. Kills will give you progression towards completion, death will take away progression. So be careful and play smart. After, you have to complete The Damnation - a quick mission pat of the entire Draw Quest. When you complete the quest, you get A New Jagged Purpose, bring this back to the drifter for the next step called Sullied Light. Sullied Light has us collecting 15 Etched Crystals from Wanted Lost Sector Bosses. 25 Crucible medals, either Blood for Blood or Best Served Cold. 50 Hive Larvae from precision kills and 3 Heroic Hive Rituals. You then get Sorrow's Road, bring this to the Drifter. He'll give you the last step called The Conversation, this is a solo mission with the Debuff Suppressed, so be careful as you can't heal your shield normally and you must collect the light. The quest culminates when you fight Enkaar. Enkaar is a Hive Weapon Master, the 'fight' is aptly more of a draw. When you encounter Enkaar, stand on the Hive plate until it is fully ready. When it is, you'll get the notification to Draw. When you do, you have to shoot Enkaars hand/gun to stop him from killing you. There are two more plates to do this same mechanic. The next plate has two Enkaars spawn, the one who spawns first will shoot first so be ready. The Third plate is three. After, you completed the Draw Exotic Quest and will receive the Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon!

Last Word is a great pvp weapon, it has a fast time to kill and is a lot of fun to you. I wouldn't say it overpowered but it is really good! Get grinding and do The Draw Quest now, Pick up your Last Word ASAP




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