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DESTINY 2 - Scourge Of The Past Raid Guide, Insurrection Prime Phase One

DESTINY 2 - Scourge Of The Past Raid Guide, Insurrection Prime Phase One
DESTINY 2 - Scourge Of The Past Raid Guide, Insurrection Prime Phase One

DESTINY 2 - Scourge Of The Past Raid Guide, Insurrection Prime Phase One :

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Destiny 2 Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge Part One step-by-step

A summary of the steps to complete the first part of Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge are:

Split into two teams: Top and Bottom.

Kill the servitor to gain access to the bottom.

Players enter the bottom and pick up a buff from the consoles underground, without standing next to each other for too long.

Players on top prevent Shanks from entering the bottom and kill the next servitor to reset the consoles.

Bottom team pick up a second buff of the same colour/shape as their initial buff while rotating clockwise/counter-clockwise.

Top team prevent more shanks from entering bottom and kill the second servitor to release players.

Bottom players exit and use their buffs to spawn in drake tanks.

Players enter tanks and shoot the machinery in the centre of the map while avoiding barrages of missiles.

Exit tanks prior to detonation and return to the bottom area to collect buffs again.

Repeat buff process of killing servitors to reset consoles until bottom team have two stacks of a buff and exiting to spawn more tanks until machinery in the centre of top map has been destroyed.

Destiny 2 Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge Part One strategy

Upon opening the door at the end of the previous phase, you'll be greeted with a more open planned stretch of land. This decrepit city will be the staging area for both the first and second part of Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge. So, it's best to familiarize yourself with the surroundings.

Surrounding the map there are four buildings that can be used for shelter, three pads with accompanying terminals for charges, four entrances protected by an electric shield, and a servitor.

Before you kill the servitor, you'll need to split your fireteam in to two different roles; top and bottom with three guardians in each team. The top team will primarily be in charge of killing shanks and servitors, while the bottom will navigate a circular series of tunnels with terminals and enemies within.

As a member of the team on the top you will need to contend with all potential energy types, so ensure that all three guardians have equipment to deal with waves of shanks effectively. Within the team your primary goal will be to prevent shanks from entering the bottom level and killing your runners. On top of that, you'll also need to await the players on bottom level notifying you that they have all collected their initial charges.

When the bottom time signal that all three guardians have a charge, you must take down the new servitor. This will reset all the terminals in the bottom floor and enable the team to pick a second charge. When the team indicate that they have their second charges, you will once again have to destroy a servitor to release them from the bottom floor.

After the initial servitor has been vanquished, the bottom level of the map will open and allow you to enter. Each guardian should pick a door to enter by and run to their right to find their first terminal, noting the colour and shape of the terminal unless it is a self destruct terminal, and melee the console to acquire the buff.

In the bottom section there will be a total of four terminals, three standard terminals and one destruct sequence terminal. The destruct sequence terminal should never be activated or the encounter will cease and will be visibly flicking between several shapes while glowing bright red.

So, the players who successfully pick up a charge should defend their position, without moving, until the remaining player runs around the tunnels to pick up their charge.

When the players all successfully pick up their first charge they should signal to the team on top that they are ready and to destroy the servitor. After the servitor has been destroyed, the consoles in bottom will be reset.

The team in the area should check the console they are currently standing at and pick up the buff if it matches their initial buff by meleeing the console again. Should it not match, players will need to coordinate with each other and move around the bottom layer in a clockwise fashion. If players get too close, their buff will turn red and they will die after prolonged exposure to a buff that does not match..........

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