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DESTINY 2 - The Menagerie Guide, Season Of Opulence New Activity

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It's like a mini Raid, check it out!

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What's up guys and gals?! Today is the release of Season 7, Season of Opulence. With it comes some new Pinnacle weapons, Revoker, Wendigo GL3 and Hush. But were going to be focusing on The new activity called Menagerie. It's a 6 people activity and its lots of fun. Destiny will matchmake you with a team as well. To start the quest to get into the Chalice of Opulence, go talk to BENEDICT 99-40 who's now in the Annex.He'll give you an Imperial summons and the quest step called The Invitation. All we have to do for this is go talk to Werner 99-40 on the Barge. Werner will give us a Power Surge Package and the Cracked Chalice. To remake the Chalice of Opulence, we first have to get 10 fragments by killing Cabal on Nessus. Then we have to melee kill 25 Vex on Nessus. Afterwards, we head to the Lost Sector Conflux in the Cistern. When we finish the Conflux, we get the quest step called Glorious Harvest, to complete this we need to gain experience, create orbs of light and do a challenge. I did a Strike from the Strike playlist, I managed to get enough experience and orbs by using a masterwork weapon.

The next step is using the Imperial Treasure Map to find a chest in the Well of Flame, also located in the Cistern. Opening the Chest gives us a Rune of The Beast. Completing these steps lets us into Menagerie and turns Werner into a vendor. He will sell Wealth of the Emperor and Runefinder. As well as give us 4 powerful bounties.

The Menagerie is a ton of fun and full of secrets not yet found! Get in and try it out yourself, it's a great addition to the Destiny 2 Universe!

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