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DESTINY 2 - Thorn Returns, Last Word Trailer. Is Mara Sov Evil?

DESTINY 2 - Thorn Returns, Last Word Trailer. Is Mara Sov Evil? :

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Get the Last Word Fast

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DESTINY 2 - Last Word Quest, The Draw. How To Get The Last Word Fast! Last Word PVP

What's up guys?! This week, The Draw Quest became active on the 29th. Finishing it will reward you Last Word, the new exotic hand cannon. It's a great PVP weapon, so start The Draw and get the Last Word asap!

Moving on, Thorn has been teased and revealed. It's confirmed, Thorn will return in Jokers Wild. For those who never used Thorn in Destiny 1, Thorn is an exotic hand cannon that will do a very powerful DOT. Thorn was a menace in PVP and not terrible at pve, but the main focus of Thorn is killing other Guardians. Check out the trailer for the Last word and The Draw quest where its revealed!

I can't wait for Thorn to make its Return, hopefully it will be fun and a great pvp weapon but not as OP as it was before. I don't think I played a single Trials of Osiris without being shot by one. I also suspect that Enkaar had a version of Thorn, something he made/altered himself. But it's not an exact match, just looks similar so who really knows?

This week in the Dreaming City, it's a full curse week. When we collect an Oracle and offer it, we finally get to go see Mara Sov again. On the table to the left, the pyramid ships/polygon ships are displayed again. Mara Sov has some choice words and alludes at something devious. I have my own suspicions about Mara Sov....but they are just that opinions.




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